A Jacksonville Law Firm Established
in 1954
Holbrook, Akel, Cold, Ray & Reichard P.A. was established in 1954 in Jacksonville, Florida as Blalock & Holbrook.  

The firm offers a general practice of trial work,
mediation and other legal services. All of the members of the firm engage in an extensive program of continuing legal education, with  three of its members being Certified Public Accountants who attend continuing professional accounting education programs.

The firm engages in civil trials at all State and Federal court  levels, primarily representing management.  It also handles probate, trust, partnership and corporate law matters as well as bankruptcy litigation on behalf of creditors, income, gift, estate tax planning, pension and profit sharing, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, condominiums, labor, construction and family law.

Holbrook, Akel, Cold, Ray & Reichard P.A.
One Independent Drive
Suite 2301
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Fax- (904)356-7330
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